CASE provides nutrition reimbursements and monitoring to approximately 170 Family Day Care homes.  Approximately 700 children are serviced daily. 

Headquarters:  307 Federal Street
4th Floor - Suite 410
Bluefield, WV 2401
Hours:  M-F 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM
Contact: Michelle Buchanan
Phone:  304-324-0452
Fax:       304-327-8822
Available Throughout State
We Service Mercer, Summers, Monroe, and Raleigh Counties
Funded By:  USDA thru WVDOE
1/3 RDA is our Motto of the Day

CASE WV/Family Day Care Food is a Non-Profit Organization that educates family day care providers about nutrition to promote the development of children and establish healthy eating habits to last a lifetime.

The Family Day Care Food Program is funded through the US. Department of Agriculture and Administration by the West Virginia Department of Education.  The sponsoring agency is Community Action of South Eastern West Virginia (CASE)  This program is designed to help eligible family day care providers to serve nutritious well-balanced meal and snacks to children in their home. 

*You must be 18 years of age and in good health.

*You must plan, prepare, and serve meals and snacks that meet USDA requirements.

*You must keep menus of meals and daily attendance.

*You must be a licensed day care provider with the Department of Human Services.


*Receive monthly payments to help cover the food cost for the children in your care.

*Receive training that will enhance your skills and knowledge of nutrition, food preparation and record keeping.

*Meals served to provider's own children may be reimbursed when served simultaneously as meals served to enrolled day care children.  (Note:  no meals may be claimed when enrolled day care children are not present in the Family Day Care Home) 


All menu records should reach the Bluefield office by the 3rd of each month.  You will be paid by check each month after participating in the program for 2 months.  
Reimbursement Payment Rates

You may claim two meals and one snack per child, per day, or claim two snacks and one meal.

The rates are based on the geographical location of your home.  Program representative will explain in detail.

Tier One:  Breakfast $.98
                    Lunch/Supper $1.80  
                     Snacks $.53

Tier Two:  Breakfast $.37
                     Lunch/Supper $1.09
                     Snacks: $.14

Maximum is 6 children including your own under the age of six.

No more than 2 children can be under the age of 24 months.

 355 Bluefield Avenue
 Bluefield, WV. 24701   


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